Thomas Cubbage NEEDELS

Parents: Alexander NEEDELS (1797 - 1878) and Elizabeth CUBBAGE (1802 - 1884)

Event Timeline



Birth24 AUG 1838Knox Co, OH
BirthABT 1839OH
Death5 JUL 1908Nashville, OK
Moved1855Moved to Northen Missouri
ResidentBET 1899 AND 1908Grant Co, OK
BuriedAFT 5 JUL 1908Bloomfield Cemetery, Morrow Co, OH



ID #1F - Excerpts from a history of Gentry County, MO, received under cover of a 14 January letter from Roger E. Needels
ID #1ABF - Family pages received from Chuck Needels, Santa Rosa, CA, on 8 July 1998.
Chuck Needels
ID #1Y - US Census for Albany P.O., Gentry County, MO - 1860
US Government
ID #1SJ - Obituary for Thomas C Needels
ID #1CH - 22 January 1983 letter to the County Clerk of Gentry County, MO
Vivian Sandow
ID #1ACE - Descendants of John Needels, received in July 1998 from Earl Belt
Kenard Clark
ID #1ACP - Exerpts from the centennial publication for Ravenwood, MO
Samuel Hambleton Needles, ID #1A - Record of the Man, Needles (Nedels), and Hambleton Families, compiled by Samuel Hambleton Needles, Published Januar

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