John Johnson NEEDELS

Parents: William NEEDELS (1762 - 1803) and Rachel JOHNSON (1766 - 1811)

Event Timeline



Birth29 DEC 1794DE
Birth28 NOV 1794DE
Birth8 DEC 1794
Death14 APR 1869Mt. Vernon, Linn Co, IA
MovedNOV 1833Moved from Franklin Co, OH, to Hancock Co, OH
Moved1840Moved to Mt. Vernon, Linn Co, IA
Moved1841Moved to Hancock Co, OH
MovedJAN 1856Moved to Iowa
Moved1857Moved to Linn Co, IA
BuriedAFT 14 APR 1869Mt Vernon Cemetery, Linn Co, IA
Resident1860Bertram Twp, Linn Co, IA
Resident1850Pleasant Twp, Hancock Co, OH
Resident1870Bertram Twp, Linn Co, IA
Individual Note6 MAY 1835Voted and acted as judge in the first election for Justice of the Peace for Pleasant Twp, Hancock Co, OH
Individual NoteRemembered as a "very eccentric man, but a kind neighbor and a very good citezen."



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