Mary Catherine NEEDELS

Parents: William Albert NEEDELS (1875 - 1959) and Minnie Aletha WALL (1882 - 1970)

Event Timeline



Birth9 AUG 1919Parnell, MO
Death28 NOV 2006
EducationGraduated from Ravenwood High School
EducationAttended Elementary and secondary school in Ravenwood, MO
EducationTook additional graduate work at Northwestern University, at Evanston, IL, and other universities.
Education1941Received a BS in Education from Northwest Missouri State College, with majors in public school music and Business Administration
Education1949Received a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Missouri at Kansas City
Resident1986Ravenwood, MO
Resident1996Ravenwood, MO


ID #1C - "History Report of the Needles Family in America," compiled by Gordon J. Needles and received from Roger E. Needels on 13 March 1998.
Gordon J. Needles
ID #1AFK - Jackson Township Cemeteries, Nodaway County, Missouri
Nodaway County Genealogical Society
ID #1AIZ - Two newspaper accounts of a Needels reunion held in Albany, MO
ID #1AWQ - 1 January 2007 message to Foster Needels, "Mary Catherine"
Marlene Miller
ID #1ACP - Exerpts from the centennial publication for Ravenwood, MO
ID #1AGT - Obituary for W.A. "Bill" Needels, Jr.
Edith J. O'Dell

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