Clarence Edwin KINION

Parents: Lem KINION ( - ) and Sarah SWEAT ( - )

Event Timeline



Birth20 JUN 1900Cedar, Smith County, KS
Death22 DEC 1982Salina, Saline Co, KS
BuriedDEC 1982Bennington Cemetery, Bennington, KS
Individual NoteA cousin to Bill Kinion, Mildred's husband
Funeral Services27 DEC 1982Ryan Mortuary, the Rev Curtis Fulton officiating
Moved1977Retired and moved to Salina, Saline Co, KS
MovedABT 1930Moved to a farm near Bennington, KS
ResidentBET 1924 AND 1930A farm near Solomon, KS



ID #1ACG - Chart of Descendants of Queen Ora Needels Alexander, received from Earl Belt in July, 1998
Kenard Clark
ID #577D - Family Group Sheet for William Webster Alexander
Portia Pearl Alexander Kinion
ID #577P - Memorial pamphlet and obituary for CE Kinion
ID #577R - Delayed Birth Certificate for Clarence Edwin Kinion, #68563
ID #577W - Certificate of Death for Clarence Edwin Kinion, Kansas File no. 82-020373
State of Kansas
ID #577E - Family Group Sheet for Clarence Edwin Kinion
Pearl Alexander Kinion
ID #577Q - Obituaries for Pearl Kinion
ID #577K - Family History of the William Webster and Queen Ora (Needels) Alexander family, dated 5 June 1974
Pearl (Alexander) Kinion
ID #577AJ - Biographical sketches of Gerald Stevens and Gloria Kinion
Gloria Stevens

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