Gerald Grant NEEDLES

Parents: Ulyssis S Grant NEEDLES (1868 - 1939) and Millicent Ivanora GIBBONS (1869 - 1939)

Event Timeline



Birth23 AUG 1896
Death25 DEC 1991Veterans Medical Center, Des Moines, IA
DeathAFT 17 JUN 1991Listed as surviving his wife
Funeral Services28 DEC 199110 am at the Lacona Christian Church
Buried28 DEC 1991Cochran Cemetery, Lacona, Warren Co, IA
Individual NoteMember of the Farm Bureau



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Stanton D. Needles
ID #1JA -, Des Moines Register (Iowa) Obituaries, 1990-99, Gerald Needles
ID #1IZ -, Des Moines Register (Iowa) Obituaries, 1990-99, Beatrice Needles

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