Clelland Wall NEEDELS

Parents: James Clelland NEEDELS (1879 - 1958) and Virginia Maude WALL (1879 - 1957)

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Birth31 OCT 1905
DeathABT JUN 1922Warrensburg, MO
Buried1922Carter Cemetery, Gentry Co, MO
Buried11 JUN 1922Cemetery adjoining the Willow Row Church
Funeral Services11 JUN 19222 PM at the Willow Row Chuch, conducted by the Rev. Clawson


ID #1ADY - Index of Graves in Carter Cemetery, Howard Twp, Gentry Co, MO
ID #1ALA - Family Tree, "Descendants of Alexander Needels," received 8 February 2001
Eugene Henry Clyde Brown
ID #1AFU - Death notice for Clelland W. Needles (sic)

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