Daniel Wilbur CASTER

Parents: George Washington CASTER (1841 - 1905) and Ruth Elvira NEEDELS (1851 - 1928)

Event Timeline



Birth27 JAN 1879
Death4 AUG 1948
Resident1928Riverton, WY
PoliticsBEF 1891Served as chairman of the board of county commisioners in Decater Co, KS
PoliticsBET 1891 AND 1893Served as the representative for Decatur Co, KS in the Kansas Legislature
Moved1878Moved from Meigs Co, OH to Decatur Co, KS



ID #1RR - 20 February 2003 message to Foster Needels, "Ruth Elvira Needels"
Leland Caster
ID #1AFO - Obituary for Ruth Elvira (sic) (Needels) Caster
ID #1ARW - 1 Janurary 1996(?) e-mail To Foster Needels
Jeff Caster

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