Philip Mark NEEDLES

Parents: Maxwell E NEEDLES (1907 - 1960) and Grace G WILLIAMS (1909 - 2005)

Event Timeline



Birth28 NOV 1939Sidney, OH
Death7 JUN 2003St Rita's Medical Center, Lima, OH
MovedAFT NOV 1939Russells Point, OH
Education1957Washington Twp Schools, Lewistown, OH
EducationBET 1957 AND 1959Attended Ohio State University
Education1965Graduated from OSU with a BS degree in accounting
ResidentBET 2001 AND 2003Bellefontaine, OH



ID #1ALO - 2 March 2001 e-mail to Foster Needels, "Philip Mark Needles"
Timothy Needles
ID #1AO - US Census for Howard Twp, Gentry County, MO, 1880
US Government

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