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DeathAft 19 Sep 1767<Rowan Co., NC>
Immigration1731-1750Cocalico twp., Lancaster co., Pa
1731-1750, came from the German Palatinate, settled in Cocalico Twp.,Lancaster Co.,Pa
Oral History1756-1759Rowan Co., NC
"Crane Creek (1758), which Edwards called "Yadkin on the Atkin" was located near the town limits of Salisbury, the county seat of Rowan, and included Brethren who resided in the town. Crane Creek is a fan-shaped network of draughts that forms into one creek a mile or so before entering the Yadkin River from the west. The Dunker congregation was established on the Middle Fork of Crane Creek in 1756-59 by refugees from Dunker Bottom on New River, Virginia. The elder of the congregation appears to have been Peter Smith, likely the same Peter Smith who was baptized by Conrad Beissel at Ephrata on April 9 1748.
Initially Crane Creek was patriarchial in blood as sectarianism, for Peter Smith's sons George, Peter, and John, stepson Richard Walton, sons-in-law John Adams and Herman Hartman were all settled adjacent or near to Elder Smith by 1781."
Tax1759Rowan Co., NC
The following Smiths paid tax in Rowan county, NC in 1759
Casper SMITH
Fred'k SMITH
George SMITH [this may by Peter's eldest son --gjr]
John SMITH (constable)
Rich'd SMITH
Peter SMITH [this is our immigrant --gjr]
Property23 Aug 1759Rowan Co., NC
"Peter Smith 23 August 1759 584 acres in Rowan County in the Parish of St Luke on both sides of the N and Middle fork of Crane Creek on the West side of Atkin River, joining Hardiman Hartman, James Carson, Onrod Micheal, Thos Basford, Jacob Aron, and John Gaste/s/mark(X) wits George Smith, John Lewis Beard surveyed 28 May 1759 SCC Hardiman Hartman, Jacob Teators W Churton survy."
"Peter (Smith) of Rowan County and wife Barbara received a grant from the Earl of Granville for 584 acres on Crane Creek on 23 August 1759."
Property4 Apr 1761Rowan Co., NC
"Also 658 acres on Crane Creek on 4 April 1761. Peter and Barbara(smith) had land on both sides of the middle fork of Crane Creek and on the wast side of the Yadkin River."
Property21 Oct 1762Rowan Co., NC
"4:919 21 Oct 1762 Peter (X) Smith Sr. & wife Barbara (0) to John Mitchell for L60 proc, 235 A on middle fork of Crane creek adj said Peter Smith. Will. Reed, John Lewis Beard. Prvd Oct court 1762."
Will19 Sep 1767Rowan Co., NC
Peter( X) Smith 19 Sept 1767, probated 1767
Wife, not named.
Sons: George, Peter, and John.
Daus: Margret, Mary, Susanna, Elizabeth, Magdalen.
Grandchildren by daughter Eve by John Adams decd: John, George, Peter, Barbara and Susanna Adams.
Christopher Knatzer, husband of my daughter Eve.
Exrs: James Carson, sons George Smith and Richard Walton
Wit: James Carson, Rachel Hamton, Mary (x) Dunn, John Dunn.
He mentions a suit against son Peter by Margaret Beefle in Superior Court of Salisbury.



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