Parents: Thomas SIMMONS (1700 - 1755) and Sarah _____ ( - 1755)

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MentionedFeb 1755Currituck co., NC
Edom Simmons was mentioned in his father's will dated Feb 1755 in Currituck co., NC
Property1785Wilkes co., GA
Capt. Elsberry's District, Received by Michael Elsberry.
Adam Simmons, 1 poll, 600 acres Wilkes Co.
Court18 Feb 1790Wilkes co., GA
"BRIDGES, DAVID dec'd. Nathaniel Bridges app. admr. Jan. 26, 1790. Jas. Bridges and Drury Cade, Sec. Inv. Feb. 18, 1790, Adam Simmons, Robinson Hendon, Thos. Embry, apprs. Receipts of Berry T. Bridges Jun. 15, 1797, of Bayns Bridges Jul. 15, 1798, of Merrell Bridges Jul. 20, 1799, of Nancy Bridges Jan. 15, 1800 and of Jesse Bridges Oct. 26, 1801, calling themselves legal heirs."
SpouseBef 1791
m. Rebecca _____
Property4 May 1791Wilkes co., GA
"Page 555--PRESTIDGE, JOHN and wife Elizabeth to Adam Simmons and Rebecca his wife, 750 acres on Little Beaverdam waters of Broad river, orig grant 1787 to said Prestidge. May 4, 1791. Jacob Everyhart, Winney Simmons, test."
Administrator20 Dec 1793Wilkes co., GA
"POGUE, ROBERT dec'd. Adam Simmons app admr Dec. 20, 1793. Wm. and Asa Simmons, sec."
Debtor8 Feb 1794Wilkes co., GA
"SIMMONS, ADAM, debtor to John Davenport for attending four apprs. etc, Feb. 8, 1794."


The Early Records of Georgia
Early Records of Georgia
Keith Giddeon, original abstracted and compiled by Grace Gi
Thomas Simmons - 1755 - Currituck County, NC - Will
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