Christopher Demas NEEDELS

Parents: Cubbage Barrett NEEDELS (1823 - 1905) and Catherine NEEDELS (1837 - 1903)

Event Timeline



Birth10 NOV 1855Gentry Co, MO
Death1 SEP 1947Devil's Lake, Ramsey Co, ND
Death9 MAR 1905
DeathAFT 12 AUG 1929
DeathAFT 8 NOV 1933
Death1 SEP 1946Devils Lake, ND
Moved1904Migrated to near Utopia, Greewood Co, KS
MovedFEB 1883Went to Oregon
MovedJUL 1883Returned to his father's farm
ResidentMAR 1905Greenwood Co, KS
ResidentBEF FEB 1883Lived on his father's farm
Resident1920Bachelor Twp, Greenwood Co, KS
Resident1941Lebo, KS
Resident1947Grand Forks, ND
Buried4 SEP 1947GAR Cemetery, Devils Lake, ND
Funeral Services4 SEP 1947Conducted by Almon B Strong



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