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Birth14 NOV 1885IA
BirthABT 14 NOV 1885
BirthABT 1886IA
Death27 NOV 1971
DeathABT 27 NOV 1971Des Moines, IA
BuriedAFT 27 NOV 1971Berwick Cemetery, Berwick, IA
Buried1971Berwick Cemetery, Berwick, IA
Memorial ServiceAFT 27 NOV 1971Staves United Methodist Church, Des Moines, IA
ResidentNOV 1971A nursing home, following surgery



ID #1AG - Iowa State Department of Health Death Certificate for Arthur R. Needels
State of Iowa
ID #1AAB - US Census for Des Moines, Polk Co, IA, 1920
US Government
ID #1ABE - Riverside, CA, death certificate for Floyd William Needels, dated 1 July 1998, Certificate No. 001435
Riverside County, CA
ID #1AQR - Florida Death Certificate for Doris N King
State of Florida
Robert Needels
ID #1ATE - Comments on page 29 of "The Descendants of Allen Burns Needels"
Robert Needels
ID #1LI 3 December 2001 letter to Foster and Donna Needels
Becky (King) Stafford

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